Getting 404 pages not found when clicking on any icon after install

Hello Una Team,

I just installed 13.0.0 B4 as a new install. I am able to download my apps/modules. After that I click on the go to sight button and get the following

screen. When I click on create a profile or any link then I get a file can not be found or an error of 404. I have checked the URL and it appears to be correct. If it was not I would not be able to download my apps from the market. Where else do I need to check to make sure that the file paths are correct so that all my links will work?


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    • Hello @CSII Hosting !

      Do you have the .htaccess file in the root of your UNA folder? Perhaps, it hasn't been downloaded. I =f it exists then you need to check if the modrewrite module was installed in your server.

      • Hello LeonidS

        Thank you!!! There was a problem with the server refusing my HTaccess when I uploaded the file. The company who hosts my server had to adjust some of the settings in the back end of the server so that it would not strip the contents of the HTaccess file. Once this was corrected then all the links worked. Thank you for the reply LeonidS it helped solve the problem.

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