How to upgrade to new version

Hello, I have now Version: 13.0.0-A2 installed. How/where I can download the new version now? do you have auto upgrade any more? Please someone help me?

Thank you,

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    • Hello. Press update in studio. Check logs. Cron must work!

      • Hello @Senthur !

        The only thing left to be added to the @Rocco 's answer (thnx, mate!) - it's time to switch your PHP till 7.4 version as the minimum.

        • I have PHP 7.4.33 is that ok? I couldn't see the update new version. LeonidS, you have my login same as before can you check my studio what wrong there please and Thank you

          • Hi, yes the version is ok...

            Go to studio-site settings-Enable auto-update(if you have any changes in UNA, mark that too -- Force auto-update, even if some files were modified)

            Then developer-update channel and set beta.

            Now you will see the update button in the dashboard and you can continue

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