MSolutions new Modules and updates.

Every new module and update released will be added here in the comments section. If you want to report a bug please add a new discussion adding the steps to reproduce the issue and tag us so we can find it and fix it.

If you want a new feature in any of our modules, please send the details in a private message, we might add it on a future update or if you want to fund the update, we can make it happen faster.

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    • Hi MSolutions, your update fixed the error so that it does not show in the error logs, but it did not solve the problem of the page displaying content. If I disable your modules the pages work!

      All "Usernames" no longer work

      • Hello. I'm using your Jot Server solution but it takes some time to connect; is there a way to speed the connection?

        By the way, I have sent you some direct messages, no response.

        • @MSolutions FansOnly Private Content works with the Stripe Connect Module?

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