Points/Credit Tokenization and Automated Withdrawal to Crypto wallet

Turn your Una Point system & Credit System into an off-chain token and get your members to automatically withdraw tokens on-chain into their crypto wallet via a 100% decentralized application (dapp). This way, your points/credits is treated like a token with real spending value and users will be able to use as real currencies in your una site market (via our decentralized crypto payment gateway addon) or for members sending real money to one another or for paying membership subscriptions (via our decentralized crypto payment gateway addon) via your crypto off-chain or on-chain wallet on your una site.

  • Tokenization of Points System (or with point wallet) and Credit System for desired crypto or several currencies (ERC20/BEP20 tokens or your own custom token on the Ethereum based network are also supported).
  • Automatic withdrawal directly to crypto wallet. No middleman. No api. 100% decentralized. Well secured and private. No paying of fees by admin, Users get to pay their own gas fees.

Contact if interested.

T&C Applied

(Kindly note that you must purchase aqb point system or point wallet mod licence or una credit system mod before getting this service)

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