Since version update: 13.0.0-B2

Since version update: 13.0.0-B2 Installed on: Jul 28, 2021

The images were no longer displayed on the site, I contacted my host who answered me this:


Answer No. 11

Written by: Aurelien on 2022-7-26 at 11:3


The problem has normally been solved and I invite you to check it.

I draw your attention to the fact that for example for, the PHP script which manages* requests is not correctly coded,

it returns incorrect request size (Content-Range and Content-Length).

This information was previously ignored by our cache system but is now taken into account.

However, we made an exception but it would be nice to correct the problem in this script.


The technical team.


On the other hand the problem for the videos which worked very well until is not solved,

we can no longer watch them. The new videos posted on the other hand works.

Other things that is annoying is that after each update, you have to modify the privacy of the site page after page

Thanks in advance for your help

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