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Product Overview


UNA’s Groups Module is the perfect tool for building a thriving online community! Whether your members are looking to connect with like-minded individuals, promote their business or brand, share knowledge and expertise, socialize with friends and family, or all of the above, the Groups Module has got them covered. With easy-to-use features for creating, managing, and engaging with your group members, you'll be able to cultivate a strong sense of community and foster meaningful conversations around shared interests and passions.

Key features and supported objects

🛠️ Flexible Group Settings: Allows users to assign special privacies and well as create public, closed, and secret groups to suit their specific needs and preferences.

📜 Easy Group Management: Keep track of all group members with a list of joined members and manage every group with join confirmations, join invitations, and sophisticated permissions controls for different member roles.

⏳ Group Timeline: A comprehensive timeline for a group which allows users to keep track of all the latest updates, announcements, and conversations.

🗣️ Group Discussions: A discussion forum that is specific to each individual group. Only members who have joined that group can participate in the forum.

💬 Group Messaging/Chat: Group members can communicate with each other in real-time with the group chat feature, which allows for seamless communication and collaboration.

💰 Paid Groups with Subscriptions: Create paid groups with subscriptions, just like a Patreon clone, which provides the ability to generate revenue from the community.

✉️ Invitations: The built-in invitation system makes it easy to invite new members to join the group.

🛎️ Integration with Notifications: Seamlessly integrates with notifications, including push notifications, and other modules, ensuring that users stay on top of all their group activities.

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