Product Overview

The integration is used for bug tracking, website annotation, website feedback as well as UAT & QA testing that is connected directly to Github where users are able to report issues directly from the site to the connected repository. is a visual feedback and bug reporting tool that helps you collect feedback from users and turn it into actionable tasks. It can be integrated with your website and it provides a number of features that make it a valuable tool for website development, including:

  • Screenshots: Users can easily take screenshots of any issue they encounter on your website, and will automatically capture important technical metadata, such as the browser, OS, and URL.
  • Annotations: Users can add annotations to their screenshots to provide more detail about the issue.
  • Tasks: automatically converts user feedback into tasks that can be assigned to developers or other team members.

Here are some specific examples of how can be used to improve website development:

  • Identifying and fixing bugs: can be used to quickly identify and fix bugs on your website. 
  • Gathering user feedback: can be used to gather feedback from users about your website. This feedback can be used to improve the design, usability, and functionality of your website.
  • Improving the user experience: can be used to improve the user experience of your website. By identifying and fixing bugs, and by gathering feedback from users, you can make your website more enjoyable and easy to use.