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Create Personal Profiles with collections of Friends and/or Followers ('symmetric' or 'asymmetric' connections respectively). Symmetric connections are reciprocated, e.g. 'Friends' and asymmetric connections are not reciprocal, e.g. 'Follows.’

All social community sites (e.g., Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram) and Dating sites such as Tinder, Bumble or Plenty of Fish will employ a system such as this - it provides users the essential core capability to create a Personal Profile and connect with other Personal Profiles.

Users can create public or private personal profiles with customisable information fields, profile picture, and cover photo. Works as an on-site identification and placeholder for various additional features provided by other apps (e.g., Timeline, Albums, Blogs, etc).

It's important to understand that in UNA, Accounts and Profiles are separate - so it is possible for one user to have multiple profiles, including Organization profiles, that they can easily switch between.

Key features:

🎫 Serves as a public or private site ID profile

⏳ Supports associated Timeline and Post to Timeline blocks

↔ Symmetric “Befriend” connections

👀 Automatic “Follow” on befriending

➡️ Asymmetric “Follow” connection for updates subscription

💓 1