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Inspire your community to publish blog-posts, stories, reviews and ideas. Posts is a content module that allows community members to create rich-text articles with media attachments such as polls, sounds and files as well as embedded media such as video embeds, multiple pictures, links, tables, lists, emoji, etc.

The Posts module supports WYSIWYG editor allowing for rich formatting. Published entries appear in a dedicated "Posts" section in author profiles as well as in all contexts (Groups, Events, etc) to which they may be published. The Timeline module is fully integrated with Posts - a card is created in all relevant feeds when new Posts are published.

Key features and supported objects:

🗣️ Comments

#️⃣ Hashtags

🗃️ Categories

📎 Attachments

📰 Rich-text formatting

🏷 Labels

🛎️ Notifications

📜 Feed cards

✍🏾 Author block

🔎 Browsing pages in Author profiles

🔍 Browsing pages in context modules

🆕 Browsing pages for Latest and Popular Posts

⌚ Scheduled Publishing

📹 Delayed publishing after video-attachment conversion

🛠️ Reporting, editing, admin management tools

💬 Embedded Messenger support

📌 Featured Posts

As a Wordpress alternative

Posts may be used as an alternative to Wordpress-like blog posts, with the additional benefit of integration with the other UNA platform features, such as Notifications, Social Profiles, Follow/Unfollow, Privacy, Permissions, Pages Builder, Timeline Feeds, Reactions, etc. Unlike the Wordpress blogging solution, the UNA Posts module provides fully integrated social-blogging functionality for multiple users, effectively creating a content-driven social network like Medium, Quora, Blogger, Tumblr, etc.

As a Medium alternative

Medium is a popular blogging platform, allowing users to create their own blogs and leverage an existing audience. Medium does not provide software for creating independent blogs, let alone independent publishing communities. When you choose to use UNA Posts over Medium, you fully control and own the content, determine your own publishing standards and most importantly build your own audience that forms your community membership base. You can make your UNA Posts look and feel just as pretty as Medium posts using UNA Templates, Styles and Pages Builder.

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