Product Overview

Social Login (Powered by SocialAll)

  • Social Login is a safe and easier way to log in using existing social accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn...
  • Social Login helps your user log in faster without concern about forgetting a password or complex sign-up procedure. With Social Login, your website will become more friendly and convenience thanks to passwordless security and sign up time-saving. Social Login will satisfy your most fastidious customers.
  • Social Login uses a central service – SocialAll - for authentication login for easy installation and in order to quickly future updating from providers.


  • Allow users to get data from OpenID providers such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn… up to 20 providers.
  • Allow users to associate with multiple OpenID accounts. Users’ profiles on a social network will be easily mapped to your site.
  • Single sign-on: allow users to log in automatically if they have logged in one of the associated OpenID accounts.
  • Allow user login/signup/mapping their social profile with Una account if their account is existing.
  • Able to be compatible with UNA 12.

Admin Settings

  • Manage SocialAll App ID and Secret Key.
  • Manage login flow, redirecting page after user logged/signed up.
  • Manage privacy for creating profiles.
  • Manage email and profile approval automatically after the user joined.
  • Easy installation.

SocialAll Pricing

  • Start with our ONE MONTH FREE trial. No credit card required. 
  • After the trial period has expired, you will go with a Premium plan for just 10$/month.
  • Social All Pricing

How to create applications at SocialAll:

  • Go to SocialAll website and create an account.
  • Go to Application page and create an application.
  • Fill your domain to the name of your application. Then, click the Create button.
  • After having the created application, go to the Application Info tab. You will see App ID and Secret Key here.
  • Open Una Studio, select the Social Login module to open the Settings page.
  • Fill the created App ID and Secret Key and click the Save button.

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