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Tap into the power of live streaming with the new Streams module on your UNA site. Connect with your members on a whole new level and give them the opportunity to do the same within the community.

This is a full stack system completely in your control where you have your own server, you can connect to your own rtms and stream to your own site. OvenMediaEngine and NGINX are the two options for streaming servers where you can stream directly from the browser (including mobile browsers) as well as from from the software itself.

Streams is a content module whose visibility can be set to either public, just for the user’s followers, or for a selected audience. When the stream is live, it will appear in the corresponding feeds based on the selected visibility. Live Streams appear in a dedicated "Streams" section in author’s profile as well as in all contexts (Groups, Events, etc) to which they may be published. The Timeline module is fully integrated with the Streams module - a card is created in all relevant feeds when new streams are live. Once the stream is no longer live, these cards disappear.

The Events Module allows users to let their audience know about upcoming live streams so they can save the date. Users can record their live streams and make the recordings available via the Videos Module.

Ask the UNA team about our service to help set up your streaming server today!

Key features and supported objects

🗣️ Comments

#️⃣ Hashtags

🗃️ Categories

🛎️ Notifications

🏷 Labels

⭐ Favourite Streams

📌 Featured Streams

📜 Feed cards

ℹ️ Info block

✍🏾 Author block

🛠️ Reporting, editing, admin management tools

💬 Embedded Messenger Support

🏗 Supports webrtc

💻 Stream directly from the browser or from a program/software

🎏 Supports multiple stream so user can choose the quality

👁️ Can control the visibility

📹 Recording capabilities

📼 Supports Video Module for providing recordings for audience

👨‍👨‍👧‍👧 Can be included in Groups, Spaces and Events modules