Product Overview

Verified - Members I Met

Similar to our Dolphin version, this Verification via meeting feature is suitable for both Social and Service-based websites where Members can request other members to confirm on the site that they have actually met. When the request is made, there is a popup confirmation page that allows the member to state where and when the meeting took place.

Whenever a request is sent, the other member is notified via the Convos module. The profile menu has an option to go to the Management Page for requests. On the Management Page, requests can be accepted or rejected.

All requests made to a member are displayed in a block on the Account page with the option to confirm or deny.

The module is integrated with the default UNA Badges feature so that a Verified badge is assigned to verified members. This badge can be styled differently for Persons and Organizations. 

Verified members will have a prominent Verified Icon displayed on their Profile page. 

The Profile page also displays a block with all meetings for the Profile Owner.

Studio Settings

=> Auto-Confirm option to configure whether meeting requests are automatically confirmed or not. 

=> Administrator has the option to allow members to be flagged as Verified depending on how many members have confirmed that they have met.

=> Administrator can upload Verified Icons. Icons can be different for Persons and Organizations

MY other Verification module (via Photo/Video) will soon be available for UNA also.


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