Comment to 'Warming up to UNA'
  • Subscriptions are what helps pay the bills so that UNA can continue to be developed. I think if you have a premium license key, then the modules are included. And, if you are a newcomer and choose Cloud hosting by UNA then the modules are included, but, if you are neither, then you download the platform for free and pay for the modules you need/want. Remember, support and development time is taking away people from their own family lives. Let's be fair.

    • Jeremy, you are right and also maybe misunderstood me.  I said free or one time payment.  I will buy a module that I thinks can help my site (I have about 25 from Modzzz and some from other - so I don't mind paying) but I am not a fan of subscriptions especially for features that are key block of any successful site.  That may seem counter intuitive to the developers but thinking from a site builder perspective it it logical. BTW I have frequently donated money to devs or scripts that I use so maybe I am thinking a bit differently. 

      Anyhow - thanks for your thoughts Jeremy. Remember, people who build sites also have time away from their families too. :)

      • You're right. Your project must earn. But, it is worthwhile to find a compromise solution so that beginners can also build a business for themselves. If we start to make good money, then we can pay for subscription IT easily and simply. Perhaps you can make a Paid subscription to Subscription Updates so that a person who has at least the basic version can keep it for himself, abandoning lifelong addiction, and without losing the appearance of the site and users.