Comment to 'UNA 12.0.0-B1 (Antares) Released'
  • Thanks Andrew Boon this is a huge milestone to take UNA to another level. Great job as usual !
    One item I would ask if you could add to your to-do-list please. To implement "Videos Embedding" within {Videos} Mod in your next release.  Videos Mod should have both Videos Upload & Videos Embedding. We should not be asking the users to go to "Posts" or "Discussions" Mods to embed videos, it gets very confusing..
    Regarding Social Networking CONTROL, recently the world has seen the giant Tech companies such as google, twitter, FB and even Amazon acting as Gods in order to destroy Freedom of Speech, we definitely need a better alternative. You said:  "We must do our absolute best to halt the advance of monolithic technology giants that took full control of social networking, communication, commerce, media and entertainment.."  which I totally agree with. But there is one more challenge, what would you do when your hosting company bends over to the Crooks in our Government's threats to shutdown your site or else ? This is actually happened 2 days ago. App was removed from Google's App Store, and Also Amazon threatened to shutdown their servers since their site is hosted on Amazon. You can read about it here: Parler CEO denounces ‘coordinated attack’ by Big Tech as Amazon prepares to pull plug on its servers   So what do we do when all hosting companies go after your website ? We used to have lots of competition & technology to choose from, but today we have Big Sharks swimming around asking the small Fish to either follow along or they get eaten alive.. I really feel this world is becoming North Korea now. This is a dictatorship allover again.. The Globalist are executing their agenda as we speak..

    • AWS gave Parler until Monday to either remove everything that supported violence and hate speech, or find another host. 

      [my thoughts on part of what happened...from an Admin's point of view and not a political one]
      Every platform where Trump had a social networking/media account has either muted, blocked or completely deleted his accounts.  I just had a thought on that...that it wasn't necessarily blocking him (although I'm sure that was a big part of it on some accounts), it was taking care of the resulting comments before they even got started.

      • parlor et al anything bigthat was highly touted- is nothing more than a profiling project... data collection to self identify radicals and political dissidents.   fed through l.e.o/c👀a supercomputers.

        not to worry in the above specificity unless your one of those prone to coup dè etat.  

        free speech will ultimately win, i feel.