Cant upgrade my UNA website to UNA 13.0.0-RC5

Hello friends please I need help. I cant upgrade my website to UNA the last upgrade made was UNA 13.0.0-RC3 . I have clicked the update button several days yet no update made. i suspect a bug. can anyone in the house provide assistant


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    • The update is performed upon cron run, so please check if cron job for UNA is setup properly, then update should work as well. Also you can check if cron is running in Studio > Dashboard > Host Tools > Server Audit > Last cron execution time must be within a minute from now.

      • I have sent you a private message. Please i will need your expertise regarding it

        • As I see you have cronjobs setup properly as I see, then please check logs/upgrade.log file for any errors during upgrade

          • i will appreciate a support from you, that is why i sent the private message. I'm not that tech as you assume

            • Hello greet people in the community, please i still need help to get this upgrade issues resolved

              • @pillarcom you replaced periodic/cron.php in UNA with the one from old Dolphin, which actually isn't compatible with UNA, so this was the reason update wasn't working. I don't know if there are any other files were replaces as well, it may result in unpredictable results.

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