Commission Payments Using PayPal API

I am looking for a way to totally automate the paying of member commissions on my UNA website. I see in the Studio on the Payments page there is a listing of "PayPal API" in the numerous choices. Does this mean that the PayPal API is built-in, integrated and ready to use will the flip of the switch?

If it is truly already there, can that API perform commission payouts with the Mass Payments function?

Any and all help with this matter is greatly appreciated.

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    • Hello @Ronald Slaton !

      Yes, the PayPal API app is ready to use with UNA. But the Mass payments tool hasn't been integrated. About commissions - we have the autogeneration of invoices that sellers pay. But if you want to use the Mainseller mode - you'd better have the Mass Payments to avoid sending all got by sellers manually (at the beginning it is fine but later, with the big number of sellers...).

      • Hello @LeonidS

        Thank you for your reply. I am waiting for the Mass Payment to be included in an update to my Affiliate System module. And yes, I do not want to manually process lots and lots of commissions payouts.

        On the subject of Invoices, one of my test accounts received an invoice that specified the month of July. It had no price and didn't state what it was for. It was very confusing, and I can only assume that if it is confusing to me, it will be even more so to members. Is there a way to turn off invoices? I have found the Invoice date send controls in Payments in the Studio, but I don't see any On-Off controls. If I put 0/zero in all three fields will that stop generating and sending?

        I had processed a commission payment through the Admin panel for the Affiliate System on July 14th, and in all the time of having and testing my UNA site, it has never generated and sent invoices. PayPal does an excellent job of sending all types of payment documents so a confusing invoice from the site itself is not needed.

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