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hi guys I want to add a field to market buyer after payment can view the field ,I can not find the ACL setting for a new field ,is it possible for a Field ?
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    • Hello king !

      Yes, it's possible to do via Studio->Forms->Market app, 5 diplsay area. Choose the necessary form there and click the link near with the title like "10 fields". In the appeared list you may see the "Visible for" column which shows the levels having access to this field. If you click it then you may edit the permissions lists who will see this field.

      • hi leonids thanks for your fast reply, i found the access level :


        can you tell me which is the user paid status  level?

        • There is no paid level on this list (but you may make Premium like wanted). You need to create a new one via Studio->Permission App and then make it paid via Paid levels App. And the work with this new level in Visibility filter.

          • hi leonids i do as your idea step by step,but i found a problem the Paid levels App add a new level "paid" need input price,i don't want to sell membership,just want to make a video store,buyer after paid can download video,not paid for a member ship,thanks you again but can you tell me is this the only way to do this?

            • You may use any proper level from your current list, I just answered about Paid Levels App because you mentioned the "user paid status" :-) 

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