Help needed after install

After I installed UNA, from the main page (create-account) If I click create, I get a 404 error. Also on the login page. I cant install any apps either. I get a JSON error when trying to view the marketplace.

Not sure where to start with this. Thanks!

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    • It looks like rewrite rules aren't working, if you are using Apache check if .htaccess file is in UNA root folder, on linux systems it's hidden file which maybe not visible, original file is in the UNA package or in the repository -

      • I have tried and tried. Still no luck. I did manage to get my app market to work properly.

        I do have a wordpress site on that domain so the files are in mydomain/app/

        Should I make changes to the .htaccess file in the root of my wordpress site? Because I reach my sites 404 error everytime. What's odd though is that /app/studio/store.php works fine.

        Thanks again!

        • Yes, add the rewrite rules in the root of your site and don't forget to add the /app directory inside the .htaccess file this way:

          RewriteBase /app

          after the line

          RewriteEngine on
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