Power Apps Pricing

What would be more cost effective? Buying every power app individually or paying $50 a month? 

To my understanding, you may buy every powerapp for $50 each, correct? No monthly payments?

Market and Jot Messenger are things I want.

I am still leaning towards Dolphin simply because it seems to have so much many more features. Free ones, at that.

Also I prefer the classic dolphin template more than anything -- and that's another selling point for me. 

But I know it will soon be outdated and insufficient for a new site. :(

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    • You will possibly need more and more apps so better to have monthly subscriptions.

      • Note that all PowerApps that you buy are usually coming with 1 year of updates. So, buying individually works well if you only need a few of apps. Otherwise Pro plan is more cost effective, plus you get direct support via email. 

        • I am sort of confused too because the power apps usually are listed as subscription, not one time buying. I see them listed anywhere from $50-100 per year not as a one time buying option. Does the option to buy one time instead of subscription appear in a link somewhere? 

          • There is  not a one time buying option for the Power Apps available. The individual app purchases are a 12 month subscription.

            • Thanks Mark for the clarification!

              • If there is no one-time purchases, I will gladly be going back to Dolphin... UNA is far too costly to get the same features that Dolphin had for FREE. 

                Such as banner ads, user classifieds, maps, etc. 

                I wanted to use UNA and I wanted to love it but its still too new I guess, for that matter. I don't have $50 a month and I certainly dont have hundreds for yearly subscriptions for a website that may or may not even have an active userbase. 

                • Brianna Coyle , note that the subscription is not compulsory — it is only for getting updates and support. If you buy once and decide to never pay again all the apps would still work and you’re not expected to pay. Paying will allow you to access automatic updates and request direct support via email. 

                  • This is an important clarification, Andrew. When you say that "it's only for getting updates" do you mean AUTO updates? Or can a person do their own updates? Thank you.

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