profile change automatic

Does anyone know where to change the setting for accepting profile

changes, so that if a member changes his profile, it does not have to be

authorized by the administrator. So that the member’s profile change is

accepted and there is no authorization needed besides that.

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    • Hello @Michael Beloved !

      The option "Activate all persons automatically" in the Persons app may regulate after what actions (profile / edit) the status of the profile will be changed to "pending approval". So if you set there the variant like "After creation only" then every editing will "drop" the profile from the active status.

      • Persons>"Activate all persons automatically">"After creation only"

        that fixed the problem.

        However I feel that the

        English used there does not explain that action. It should be more like

        Persons>"Activate all persons automatically">"After member saves an edit"

        But that would mean to reconsider how the other four options

        are written. The word only as it is used there should be reconsidered.

        Thanks for your assistance with this @Leonid S .

        • Strange. I have it set to: After Creation & After editing so in both situations there is no need for admin approval

          • Hello @Karina Budhrani !

            It means that both those actions will be auto approved automatically.

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