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Can Rocket Chat be used like as Open source? Or will it always be tied to a company? I've always like the chat Rooms users can create and others can simply join in if they wanted. It was a staple for alot of the older social media sites. I like Jitsi for the messenger and the Rocket Chat for the Chat Room experiences. Basically what I'm asking is can Rocket Chat be put on a personal server and not rely on their company or is Rocket Chat more like a copy and paste but still relies on the company. Example Jitsi. Jitsi can be put on a seperate server and not rely on Jitsi server

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    • Hello @Will Roberts !

      Affirmative, the Rocket Chat server can be independently installed. For further information, please refer to the provided link, particularly the frequently asked questions section. .

      • I am confused by their options. Is team users website users? Or admins of the website. Very little actual info for comparison. Does the free version have Rocket Chat watermarks? Limited users? What are team collaberation users? I used to have it on my site but half the time I would get errors and no way to actually customize it.

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