Social Network for Fitness Professionals



I am building a social network for fitness professionals.


Please share your ideas here:



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    • Hi, Jonathan!

      the video you embedded doesn't seem to work. 

      As for the ideas, hard to tell without much context, so perhaps share more details if you want others to comment here. 

      Fron the first glance It looks like you have many different sites/channels installed, but it isn't clear which one is doing what?

      • Hi Andrew - 

        Thank you for the input.

        1) I have received similar feedback re 'unclear what I / various businesses are doing' - thank you, I am working on clarifying this.

        2) When embedding a video, do I use the video URL or the 'share' embed' code?


        • Here is the URL to the video:


          Here is the embed code:

          I have tried both and neither are working - I think it may be a Una thing - pls help.


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