tiny suggestion

more detail:  i just launched a group callled cannabis heals me.

i also am going to give una a proper smoke test and will deploy it at www.cannabis-heals.me

Alex T⚜️ . But.. I am worried, that my previous issues will inhibit this scaling, but mostly- from anyone understanding how to use it.
We will see what happens, this will be good for both of us, but it is very tempting to just use something with a proven user geometry, more like elgg, but i really really want una to succeed.
right now, as i see it, you have an excellent product, written by alexey. the messenger. Alexey .
and a very basic display framework written in php, and mysql, with little else to show.
what is ultimately the direction of una anyhow? sorry for being candid, this has been bothering me for literally 6 months. cc: Mark Purser ? are you guys just hoping to scrape royalties off of an app ecosystem? or are you looking to create a world leading publishing platform? because if its the latter, we have a lot of work to do. if its the former, continue on and respectfully i both understand and will not attempt to push your team to new creative heights. :)
The smoke test, deploying una for a site that could possibly be as high traffic as cannabis-heals.me -  does make me legitimately nervous,  because its an important thing- its a huge potential for human connection, and i can utilize this to literally fund and or give light to a LOT of other really important things im working for humanity on- like harmony-dynamics.com, or willyoutrade.me :) so, the point is i need una to be amazing, or know it will be , or start investing my time elsewhere, and begin writing my own code.
can i get some rare and deep over sight into where you guys see this thing in 5-10 years and what you think it's accomplishing now? (it being una) and accomplishing in the world. as a global additive or causal change agent in improving everyones lives, globally. because if it's just short sighted commerce, i picked the wrong project to align with, and with all due respect- i mean no disprespect with my last comment there. Making money is fine, that is not an issue.
I am looking for a social networking platform I can grow with, contribute code to, and ultimately shares the same vision that I do- that software should be simple, and should first and foremost be a tool that a human being can use, to improve their lives, not complicate it. thanks guys.
copied here because im going to copy and paste this to one of the twenty or so blogs im running as a distinct socio-demographic initiative for getting eyeballs looking at my projects as a common "lead in psychographic fabric thread."

can we make it default so a site admin inherits membership to a group?
(as a toggle?)
this is useful as most people have no concept of direction, and need to have training wheels for a group until they take off.
so i have to join every group and help until they learn.
becoming an admin and a member of a group as a default setting seems weird, but it would be easier than flipping the switch profile, join, flip, accept, flip post, etc etc- dynamic- which is ridiculous but i know why it's there, but
addressing a complicated data relationship is hard, and this isnt quite perfect yet, or natural even. Alex T⚜️ LeonidS what do you two think? was I clear in my suggestion? I'd like to be able to join a group as an admin automatically. More specifically the problem is that if I have a secret group, people un-familiar with una won't know how to find it.
-asking someone to learn a new UI
-and to remember the search function is the ONLY way to pull up a private group

is literally too much
to ask of most human beings. theyre not engineers, and dont even remember what they ate an hour ago.
can we work on fixing this and brainstorm something easy and relatable ?  and if we like it, consider formulating it into something we can push into a git commit on the groups.acl/etc module?

thanks and respectfully always,


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    • and now i click to edit my comment and add a ----------------------------- between the two distinct ideas here but there is no obvious edit button.  this is the kind of stuff i mean.  a user should not be hunting an edit button, it should be unified and consistent through changed pages.  menus should not gain and lose buttons based on content type, normal humans do not understand this, only engineers..

        • Secret group is supposed to be shared by direct link or by invitation. Group's admin (author) is already joining the group upon creation.
          • but for the common use case (like mine) where someone creates social network and has group with very popular theme (cannabis,) in this case-   nobody can see him and the work is for me now.   this is foolish because software can fix him, so i can have time for more things of some other kind.
            please advise, thank you :) does this help to understand me now?

            • please advise, thank you :) does this help to understand me now?

              For me, it doesn't. Do you want the situation when the creator of the group is invisible?

              • no, i want everyone to be able to see the group and attempt to join it, but only what the name is, the groups photo, its decription, but none of the content, until they are a member.   this to me is "secret group"
                closed group is correctly in english " group you can see and read but cannot participate or add to"
                and open group is group anyone can join and add to without need to moderate admission/membership.
                this is something facebook gets wrong, and you guys have also gotten wrong.
                my suggestion is just go with what makes sense in english, ^^ the above, and make a lot ofpeople happy in the future.  

                :) hope that makes more sense

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