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    • Hi @Stephen-Mystic Inam . We appreciate it if you can complete the job needed to make the notification function work (UNA will do their part!). We tried reaching you on your private messages several times but no luck. Hope all is well my friend.

      • As discussed, my friend. The whole job was completed with the app. Notifications on the app worked until the ios certificate got expired, which is normal for every app on the ios app store. Also, I explained I was on a vacation for health reasons and as you requested, I gave you the guide on how to generate and upload a new ios push certifcate on One signal. Meanwhile, if you still have other non-app related concerns for your una site, I will be back pretty soon to help look into them. Warm Regards

        • In addition, did checked on your messengers for both apps and works fine.

          • Sent several previous messages but unfortunately no response. I hope you are doing well my friend.

            Let me clarify, it is not the messenger, but the push notification of the app that is still NOT working, despite of al correct setting we have on One Signal!

            Appreciate if you can have a look at it and help address this issue on the app.

            • From my end, push notification works fine. See attached screenshot for "Scrubdin"

              • @Stephen-Mystic Inam The screenshot you sent is from OneSignal test and not from the App itself. Notifications from the App are still stuck in the "Queue" (see image below):

                image_transcoder.php?o=sys_images_editor&h=1314&dpx=2&t=1684813735. Appreciate helping fix this issue with the App you developed for us.

                Thank you my friend!

                • I have explained overtime that Una App push are triggered or sourced from your site.... the issue has nothing to do with the application itself. You are able to receive push notification with the mobile app when a message is sent from one signal but no push when it is sent from your site (and in some cases, stale push was sent from your site to the app days after), which means all was correctly configured in the app. This shows it's a site issue since the mobile app is able to receive a push notification in general. As you see from screenshot, on your site's dashboard, push's stuck up in queues and needs to be cleared.

                  Am very much online now to look into this. I sent you a pm to kindly review the credentials so we can close out on this at the soonest.

                  Thanks for your time.

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