UNA on Self-hosted Cloud

Hi everyone,

Reason for using Cloud Hosting is very simple. High performance and scalability.

Instead of looking at the multi-site architect , database clustering really solve the issue of running a multi-community platform using only a single domain.

Well, Hosting companies like TMDHosting who is a bit cheaper then UNA and offers pre-configured UNA platforms eliminates the pain of doing it yourself. This includes setting up or I might as well say take a step back and learn how Cloud Computing really works.

We have Google cloud, Digital Ocean etc. and I have just signed up with Linode.

To be very effective in doing this myself, I will need a little help.

I basically need my UNA installation running on my primary database(read/write) and other databases that will be read only. This is the database cluster architect that helps with Cloud Hosting.

If anyone of you guys did so with Linode or Google cloud or so... Please help me to understand a few things like do I setup a Virtual Machine with Ubuntu x.xx load apache2 etc.

I have limited lime left before my $100 credit expires and do not wish to waste time. I do have linux experience and done installations on docker, virtualbox etc.

Thanks in advance..



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