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Just upgraded to 12. Not feeling good about have to figure out why this or that isn't looking how it shoud or doing what it's suppose to. Have to find the problems and then the fixes if there are fixes. Or are we just indentifying the problem and they get fixed in the new version. I don't know. Nobody tell me nothin'. Sorry to say but this really sucks, a real bummer. I really like this platform and you all but there has to be a better way for you to develop and test ugrades other than forcing members to be testers.

I'm just starting out, so it's daunting as I want to get my site going yesterday and this is a hold up BUT i'm lucky because I'm just starting out and not yet live! However that won't always be the case... :/

Anywho, gonna start chronicling my findings and questions...

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I want the "record video" attachment option for my site...hoping, wishing waiting on heeelp! 

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