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So yeah, for a multilingual website, is it possible to translate the channels?
Also, something that I would love to see is sub-channels


  • Concerts
  • Fanfiction
  • Other
  • Photography
  • Plastic arts
  • Poetry
  • Theatre
  • Visual arts
  • Writing

This would be supper for admins that prefer to have a preset of channels and maintain things organized.
Anyway, if none of that is possible right now, can we at least have a field to enter tags when writing a post? I think this would help boost the channel's system!!!!

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    • Hello Fuiche !

      The content which can be edited by all members (except guests) can't be translated with the default tools - too many issues because the compiled PHP file is inserted into cache folder.

      • Already it is possible to add a field for hashtags when writing a post. Studio > Forms > Fields > Posts > Add Post - It is also possible to add hashtags to any part of the post.

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