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So I finally got latest version (13) updated from 12 version. But... After considerable repairs and attention to file and code issues. I am finally getting things working as it should.

The one thing that I can't seem to figure out though, is the "Default Profile type" feature within Studio/Settings...? is not working as I had it before.

I had it setup as someone creates a account, then the option popped up where they could then either choose to create a Profile or an Organization.

What I did was leave the setting set as "Select one", which allowed new accounts to see both Profile and Organization, and they could choose between the two., which would then allow them to create there choice by clicking the appropriat0e link.

I need this feature to work. Someone know what to do, or can help get this feature back. It is a UNA Setting.

As it is right now. Account owner simply gets an email, to confirm and thats it. They cannot make a Profile or Organization. Therefore creating account with no place to go once created. Without me NOW having to change the setting to "Profile or Organization" individually, they cannot do anything. I need to be like it was where they can have the choice to do either/or...

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