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I have some questions on Studio/Notifications configurations.


"Content" (add comment) 

"Content" (reply to own comment)

       what is the difference? who supposed to see it? friends (whose friends?)? everybody? according to Privacy level for "Content"?

 Groups/(Event) (join request)  
 Groups/(Event) (member joined)  
 Groups (post to timeline)

        who suppose to see those three positions: group/event admins, group members, admin friends, everybody? what about closed/secret ones?

 Profiles Friends (add connection) - 

        when it works: on friend request or after it's approval?

 Profiles Mentions (add) - 

        who can see it: mentioned one? everybody? friends of mentioned one? frends of mentioner?

 Profiles Subscriptions (add connection) 

         who suppose to see it? friends of what side? both sides?

thanx in advance

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    • We remade and grouped all these settings in new 9.0.10 version of Notification module, please have a look at new settings, then ask if something isn't clear

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