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I try to configuer strip. I mean all is ok, But after I put all data, I get in Stripe Connectio under Account no entry. So I can not connect to Stripe? Have somebody any Idea why? And can help me please.

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Dear all,

I create in data list an new set "My search area" with 5 intems.  Now I would add a new field in form "Add new person" and choose checkbox set. But in values I dont find my created data list. What I make wrong?

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I would add the field Location to the form Create Account. I dont find this field in Add Fields. How I can add this to "Sign UP"?

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We have just released new update for Messenger with fixes, improvements and main new ability - Jitsi Video conferences.
Now you can allow members to create Video Conferences in Talks. There were added several new options in Messenger settings for Jitsi.
Feel free to use and if any problems let us know.

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I search for the possibility to have see the videos and pictuer in admin.

I dont found this. Where is this locatetd?

BR Ewsg

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