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Is the Twitter social connect app not working or does anyone know what the issue is or how to help or fix?

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how do I set this up is there a plug ion or something for tagging?

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So I've been using nextcloud for a company a little while and it's great for being like dropbox and all, even a mailer system and so on. And now I am using the una for another company, it has my wheels turning. Anyone tried this yet? I think bridging the two would be a great combo 

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So I have been using shared hosting for many websites for years. I've run many websites on this hosting. And I have ran some vps in the past with like vultr, but the block some repos and I wasnt happy with them, to even run a server right out of my own home. The shared VPS for running a lot of clients websites like wordpress for some companies amd maybe some webcasts is actually cheap, but of course they choke you in their ways of what they call "unlimited" like only php uploads at 256 and cant do much with php.ini or ffmpeg not installed and so one. 

So I see today. They are running a sale on vps.... I am like awesome 50% off too.  So I look into it and on the site it says I can get a 1tb ssd GPS snappy 200 with cpanel for 42$ a month (and mind you I made sure that's pay month to month, you guys who have been in web making know what I mean) so I get in instant chat and start asking, hey, so how much for me to migrate to snappy 200.... the sales person tells me 79% I'm like wait, I just saw on your website its 42$, they say oh send me a. Link, i send a link, and they say, now get this, that's for new customers not old ones. So i tell the sales dept. I said well that's kind of abusive isnt it to your long time clients who have used you for years not to get discounts. Then they say well I can give you 25% off.

I told them never mind,  I mean I can just make a new account and start some whatever dot com and migrate it myself amd save money.

Can you believe that.

Anyways does anyone know any good vps for a good month to month price?

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Having video conversion issues and it says to disable this, But I am not seeing anywhere in video conversion it is in the code, anyone know how to disable this

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it gives a conversion falilure, edit to fix. but then when I edit it, it shows in the vdeio url its there, I go to the video url, its uploaded, but it still doesnt play. anyone know the fix for this?

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