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Can you create reddit experience from UNA?

so people can create communities and post links?

The idea is to allow users make something like /subreddits, they moderate them.

and post links and assign these links to these subreddits.

the same way reddit works.


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Added a discussion

I need to add new field to update, so the users can select SPACE when they add the update without needing to go to that space.

Also, i need to make 2 sidebars for the single post. the post in the middle and a sidebar on the left and the other on the right.

please advise if this can be achieved.

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Added a discussion

Hi team,

how i can allow RTL support and arabic language?


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Added a discussion

I'm looking for clear guide to how ti install UNA on a localhost.

i use XAMPP.

please advise.

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