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When posting a new discussion, photo or video links may or may not show up in timeline feed.

  • When using the Editor Toolbar Embed - photos and videos will show up in timeline feed.
  • When using the LInk Button Embed - photos and videos do not show up in timeline feed.
  • Enabling or Disabling Brief Cards has no impact.

I would like the Discussions Photos and Videos to show up in the timeline feed, it looks much nicer when they do.

Is this a future release?

Thank you

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Regarding 13b3 are there any slowness issues with the Safari browser on an M1 Mac and iPad.?

Comparing Safari to Edge and Chrome. The Safari browser seems really slow on the Mac and iPad. Is anyone else seeing this issue, or is it my configuration or something I'm missing?


  • Una 13b3
  • AWS S3
  • Memcache
  • Template: Artificer
  • PHP 8.1.2
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I have everything running great using EC2, RDS, S3, and CDN. Now to make sure everything is secure.

Question 1: can the EC2 server access S3 through the VPC or does S3 have to be public?

Question 2: if S3 has be be public can I restrict more than what I have in this picture?


Thx ;)

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