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Hi all!

I need to create posts without una interface. I have file with structured data: title, text and i'd like to create a several posts. All posts should be with one una person profile.

I'd like to use UNA classes

Is this posible?


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I need to create typography module to replace users input, such as posts, connents, etc with correct mnemonic symbols. For example - (c) to © (r) to ®
I have idea how to do this in my custom theme - override some Tmpl classes, but i'd like to do this on the system level.
I don't like oweride base una classes. I'd like to do this as plugin and I want to be able control this from studio.
Where I can find some analog code example?
Thanks, Alexey.

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Good day!
Can I owerride some buttons for "bx_persons_snippet_meta" - [add/remove friend] button & [subscribe/unsubscribe person] button?
I find needed code in 'modules/base/profile/classes/BxBaseModProfileMenuSnippetMeta.php -> _getMenuItemConnection()
But I have no idea how to do this only for my custom theme ( I create custom module in modules/boonex/... and module works fine)
Is this posible in my module or I can owerride base class?


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