Continuous integration.

Define problems early. Check in frequently. Don’t check in broken code. Don’t check in untested code. Don’t check in when the build is broken. Fix the issue at the earliest opportunity. Continue to continually integrate, test, integrate, test, integrate...

DevOps Culture.

Provide support for what you build. Test what you are doing. Fix what you have done wrong. Developers participate in forums and direct customer support; test their code and document everything. 

Mobile-friendly UI.

All pages, blocks, menus and texts should be fully responsive, tap-friendly and designed for small screens as a priority. UNA-powered websites should look and work as a hybrid web-app.

Full power to the Studio.

The Studio should provide full configuration and customisation control. It doesn't have to be mobile-friendly but has to be user-friendly.

Seamless version updates.

Core platform and all UNA apps should be able to perform periodic version updates automatically, preserving site content data and configuration settings.

Unlimited scalability.

Design and build for 10 trillion simultaneous users, doing 1 million things at once, each.

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