Reviews to Credits
    • The buttons that say purchase are too small and the word purchase needs to be moved over to the left more. Also it prevents me from buying credits with a warning that says I cannot buy credits from my own store. When I press the OK button to close the popup it brings to an empty checkout instead of just closing the popup.

      • I think it should not be possible to buy credits with credits. That does not make sense, especially when the bundle prices are set to a high credits value. For example, when you can buy 10credits for 1€, you can subsequently buy 10credits for 1credit and blow up your credit balance indefinitely.

        Also I think it would make sense to block other payment providers inside UNA. This way users could use Paypal etc only for using credits, and credits only inside a UNA platform.

      • where can you see credit balance I only see balance on one menu and no where else

        • Need a way for users to give other members credits. This way members can create subscriptions to their content such as videos, music, tutorials etc. Also a donate button on someones profile/page would be nice so people can donate if they want. A donate button in the Jitsi group live Chat also

          • Can this be used with CoinPayments?  What I want is to use BTC payments only.  Thanks

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