Classified Ads and Listings managed by Categories and Sub-Categories, create a Facebook Market, Gumtree or Craigslist marketplace within your UNA website.

The UNA Ads Module is a powerhouse 💪🏽 content module that can transform your UNA website into a thriving marketplace 🛒 - enabling you to create Classified style ads listed by Categories and Sub-Categories - as a taxonomy for categorising and refining search.

Facebook Marketplace is a hugely popular feature of the Facebook eco-system. Facebook Marketplace enables users to create classified ads and post them into specific groups or onto their personal profile. UNA Ads Module enables you to create an identical system of content curation within your own UNA website.

Craigslist is a phenomenally successful Classified Directory that is based on a series of Classified Ads and Discussion forums, where people can advertise a range of goods and services - with simple directory style listings Craigslist has become a global icon for buy and selling good and services and meeting new people. UNA Ads Module enables you to emulate the function of the type of website by creating and customizing Classified Directory Advertisements based upon Categories and Sub-Categories.

Using UNA Studio the categories within Ads Module can be easily customised 🛠 to suit the taxonomy to your site and relevant products.

UNA Ads Module could be used to advertise Jobs 💼 Real Estate 🏠 Sporting Equipment 🎿 Miscellaneous Used Goods 🧸 Livestock / Pets 🐕‍🦺 Cars / Automobiles 🏎 Personal Services 🤗 as well as for Lost and Found ❓ Wanted Ads 🙋🏻 Personals and Dating 😍 .

Using the simple integrations of UNA Permissions Module and Paid Levels App - it is possible to monetise your UNA Ads, by restricting the number of ads that users can create and charging memberships (one off or recurring) to be able to post Ads.

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