The Events module is a powerful tool that enables both standard users and site admins to easily plan and manage any type of event within their UNA community. Whether it's a conference, meeting, workshop, or a social gathering, the Events module makes it easy for you to create and manage events that will help bring your community together. Events can be in person or based online by integrating UNA’s own Streams module. Events comes equipped with advanced features like event calendars, RSVP functionality, recurring events and much more, making it the perfect tool for organizing and managing events. With Events, you can take your community to the next level by creating and hosting engaging events that will keep your users coming back for more.

Key features and supported objects

📆 Events calendar

🗺️ Maps integration to show location of in-person events

📹 Integrate the Streams module for live, online events

🔁 Recurring event function - set Intervals based on days/weeks/months or years

🕓 Set the time zone for the event start/end date/time, and it will be displayed in the user's local time

🎗️ Reminders

Also contains all of the same features as UNA’s Group module:

🛠️ Flexible Event Settings: Allows users to assign special privacies and well as create public, closed, and secret events to suit their specific needs and preferences.

📜 Easy Event Management: Keep track of all event members with a list of joined members and manage every event with join confirmations, join invitations, and sophisticated permissions controls for different member roles.

⏳ Event Timeline: A comprehensive timeline for an event which allows users to keep track of all the latest updates, announcements, and conversations.

🗣️ Event Discussions: A discussion forum that is specific to each individual event. Only members who have joined that event can participate in the forum.

💬 Event Messaging/Chat: Event members can communicate with each other in real-time with the event chat feature, which allows for seamless communication and collaboration.

💰 Paid Events with Subscriptions: Create paid events with subscriptions, which provides the ability to generate revenue from the community.

✉️ Invitations: The built-in invitation system makes it easy to invite new members to join the event.

🛎️ Integration with Notifications: Seamlessly integrates with notifications, including push notifications, and other modules, ensuring that users stay on top of all their event activities.

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