On-site messaging, engagement, and onboarding; segmented email campaigns; drip-campaigns; customer support and retention system, fully integrated with UNA.

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    • Gritly  I looked into it. And I liked it but....  It would cost a min of $87 a month for the essential plan then goes up from there depending on the plan you wanted.

       I wish someone would build an app for this.

      • Too expensive

        • Yes you shouldn't have to pay for an outside service for communication. It should be integrated and dedicated to the platform, such as facebook does. I don't get why so many aspects of UNA is so heavily reliant on third party integration. I t limits the available features because of cost. I am a bit disappointed in these requirements that are needed to create a successful platform. Communication features are a very essential need.

          • You're saying what I said here a year ago. You should add value to your own products.

            With the streaming module, however, you have proven in the end that you are able to program your own modules and bring them to the market. The only question is to what extent these modules are now being upgraded in order to stand out from other communities or to incorporate functions that perhaps not every other community has.

            The UNA system is built very standard, with modules and functions that can be used in many ways. Which is also definitely good.

            However, what is missing here is something where you can say that we have what no one else has. ;)

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