Multiply your community engagement levels - send configurable notifications for all events, actions and reactions. Most UNA modules integrate with the Notifications app, supporting On-Site, Push and Email Notifications.

🔴 On-Site Notifications

  • Dedicated Notifications browsing page
  • New/Seen statuses
  • Red-alert bubbles, integrated with site-header and native apps launch-bar
  • Notifications preview slide-out for site header
  • Automatic alerts count merging in Member menu
  • Real-time alert badges with auto-close

📱 Push Notifications

  • WebPush and Native Push support
  • Integrated with OneSignal

📨 E-mail Notifications

  • Customisable email templates
  • Integrates with transactional email provider or local SMTP server

☑ - All notifications subscription settings can be pre-set for all members via Studio and individually re-configured by recipients.

☑ - Native Push notifications work with UNA native iOS, Android, Win and Mac apps.

☑ - Free OneSignal account is sufficient to enable Push notifications.

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