We will install OvenMediaEngine in your VPS or Dedicated server and setup your Streams module.

This is a service for customers who need help to setup their Streams module.

  • Prerequisites:
  • You need to have Streams Module installed in your server ( https://una.io/view-product/streams )
  • You need to have a Virtual Private Server or a Dedicated server.
  • Your server must have Ubuntu, CentOS or Fedora Operating System
  • You need to have root access to the server. (We will need this in a private message)

The service will be done in less than 72 hours after you send us your server details.

After the installation, you will be able to use the Stream module and allow users to do live streaming using any compatible broadcasting software or using their webcam. Users will be able to record their own stream. They can publish their recordings to the videos module after the streaming is finished.

We installed successfully this for LAPIXI.COM

To test the OvenMediaEngine, you can create an account in his website and start a Stream using your webcam or any streaming software.

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