The Payments App is used to process subscriptions and one time payments via the shopping cart and accepts payments in various currencies.

The default UNA's Permissions (via Paid Levels App), Market App and Ads App are integrated with the Payments App. If you want to sell something in the Market, sell Paid Membership Levels on your site, or charge a joining fee for a Course, Event, Group, Organization or Space, you need to start by setting up the Payment App.

By default PayPal, Stripe and Chargebee integrations are available. Another option is to use your site’s own internal currency via UNA’s Credits App.

If you want to sell everything on behalf of a Main Seller, then activate Single Seller Mode via the Studio (Studio -> Payments -> Settings -> General -> Single seller mode).

Don’t forget the Commissions feature which allows the site owner to automatically generate invoices to all site sellers once a month. This feature takes all of the seller's sales during the last period and calculates the necessary amount of commissions. The amount may be static, a percentage and/or depend on the seller's membership level. Notifications about new invoices will be seen in Account popup -> Invoices and can be paid via the standard Payments shopping cart.

Key features:

💰 Processes subscriptions and one time payments

💷 Accepts various currencies

🧮Paid Levels App

📈 Market App

📰 Ads App

👩🏽‍🏫 Courses

📆 Events


💼 Organizations

🌌 Spaces

🤝 PayPal, Stripe and Chargebee integrations available

💎 Credits App

👨‍💼 Single Seller Mode

% Commissions

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