Sitewide Blocks

Add blocks to be displayed on all pages. 

This is useful for adding important blocks (adsense for example) sitewide, add a single block and it will be displayed on all pages.

If you want to set a footer on all pages, this module is exactly what you need, just add a HTML block or RAW block and add your content to all pages.

Compatible with all Skeleton blocks (RAW, HTML, RSS, Image, Lang, Menu, Wiki, Custom, Service, )

Compatible with all UNA Module's blocks (Profiles, Credits, Ads, Forum 'Discussions', Posts, Messenger, Timeline, Groups) and all third party module's blocks.

It works similar than adding a block to a page.

You can choose the position of each one of the sitewide blocks:

  • Top
  • Between Content Menu
  • Content Before
  • Content After
  • Banner Bottom
  • Between Content 
  • Footer Before
  • Footer After

   #MSolutions #blocks #injection #injections #UNA13 #UNA12

*Important: The screenshot is displaying a custom RAW block at the "footer before" position. To add custom html blocks with links, please use HTML if you know how, or add a HTML block to use the default UNA's HTML WYSIWYG editor. We can share the code of the custom RAW block if you need it.

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