Comment to 'UNA 10 Beta 1 Released'
  • So, important! I'm in the same situation as Chris, I do not know why, so version 9.0.1 was never offered to me.
    So initially, check this point. If you are in 9.0.0 and the 10 beta update is offered, do not do it.
    Edit inc / classes / BxDolUpgrader.php
    protected $ _sUrlVersionCheck = '_https: //'; to ===> (9.0.1)
    Then to get 10 beta edit as follows:
    protected $ _sUrlVersionCheck = '_https: //'; to ===> (10.0.1 beta)

    • I just used '' url to update from 9.0.1 to 10.0.0 and it worked for me.
      • That works but, as Baloo stated, me and him were never on 9.0.1. We were both on 9.0.0 and that was because the download of 9.0 originally had /beta/ in the inc/classes/ BxDolUpgrader.php file. So when I checked this morning, I could see the update to Beta in my Dashboard. So before I could do the update, I removed the /beta/ from that file, upgraded to 9.01 FIRST, then added back the /beta/ so I could install UNA 10.