Comment to 'UNA nginx rewrite rules'
  • Alex T⚜️ It is after it is downloaded. They download fine and quick, it is when you are going to install them after. It will just spin past my 900S timeout it seems and when I refresh it will be there and show installed. The other area I get an issue is in profile notification settings. When going to load it, it takes forever and then 504 error. These are the only two areas thankfully I noticed an issue. I want to reinstall notifications again but afraid to, I do not want to mess anything up at this point. Got the site finally up to a workable state. I did add proxy_buffering on; to my directive just in case. Seen some fixes and that one was what I had but with the added line of it being on. I figured it would be on by default. Should I be safe to uninstall notifications and reinstall it?