Comment to 'VERY IMPORTANT: Customer Tax ID'
  • Hi @LeonidS 

    Again, as I have already said it several times in my previous posts, this topic is not about utilizing, calculating or deducting Taxes in UNA. It's all about DISPLAYING the custumer's Tax ID on Invoice and Receipt documents

    Payment servive providers like Stripe already have this functionalty included/available in their API. All we need to do is to enable it in UNA integration with Stripe.

    If UNA can collect Customer's name, email addres etc using an input field, store them in the database then pass them to the Payment service provider via the API integration, why does it sound like a big deal to do the same with the customer's tax ID which is basically digits/numbers/letters? (e.g: 123456789)

    UNA is a versatile and universal platform. It is used internationally. Not all of us are running UNA for fun or as a hobby. Some of us are taking their UNA projects very seroulsly, meaning as a business.

    If you want to run a serious business and stay away from troubles with governments, you MUST act ethically and comply with the law. As I have already said in my previous posts, in many countries like countries in the European Union (Eu), Brazil etc, IT IS NOT PERMITTED to issue an invoice or receipt without displaying the Customer's Tax ID on it. It's the Law! (some require it to invoices and receipts issued to businesses/entities only, some require it to invoices and receipts issued to botth individuals and entities)

    UNA team would have thought about it when building the UNA invoice systemen and the UNA integration with Payment services Provider: Stripe, Paypal etc.

    @Anton L I would appreciate a solution to be provided by UNA, as this is something crucial that can end up getting many UNA-based businesses into serious troubes with the tax authorities.