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Hello UNA Team,

UNA can also be used as a marketplace. Please could you add the 'Last Seen' status/field (how long it's been since the user logged in) in the profile page's info block with the option for the profile owner to control its visibility through the privacy settings? @Andrey Yasko @Alex T⚜️

Thanks in advance.

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Hello UNA Team,

In the custom page settings, there is no way to edit the 'link'. The field is not editable. Can I safely edit it from the database?


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I would like to deter members from creating a profile for a business/organization using the person profile app. Instead, business should create an Organization profile. They have to meet all my platform requirements for organizations and go through an approval process to create their profile.

I know that from the url, we can tell whether a profile is for a person or an organization but, i would like that information to be clearly visible (mentioned) on the profil page as well.

That's why, in the Info block on the profile page (view person and organization), i would like to display a field that shows the profile type. e.g::

Profile Type: Person


Profile Type: Organization

I would like other members to easily identify what type of profile they are dealing with, whether it's a person or an organization. That will also expose scammers (people) who will try to act as a legit company while using a person profile.

So, how to achieve that?


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Hello guys,

I have both free (with ads) and paid ad-free subscriptions (without ads). I would like to offer a 'paid featured profiles' service as an additional feature to further monetize my platform. Those featured profiles will be displayed on the website home page, the person and organization home. Member will purchase featured status for a duration of 1 day, 7 days or 30 days.

I don't want paid members (ad-free accounts) to start complaining about featured profiles being displayed to them.

So, can a Featured Profile be considered an ad?

Please, your thoughts!


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Hello UNA Team

I have a dev site of a new project (Site A) that I am working on but it's not completely ready yet. All the apps are installed but I still have some works and customizations to do on it to get it the way I want it to be.

I am running out of time as I have a Google Ads promotional coupon that will expire soon. I don't want to loose it.

So, I would like to clone my dev site (Site A) at the stage it is currently to create another website (Site B) that will go live, even unfinished, in order for me to run my Google Ads. I don't want to miss those leads from Google.

Meanwhile, I will continue working on my dev site. It will take me some time, maybe a couple of weeks.

Once my dev site (Site A) is ready, I will switch it to production mode. Then I copy all the user data (accounts, profiles and content: photos, videos, forum, blog posts etc) only, not the whole database, from the cloned and unfinished website (Site B) to the finished one (Site A), the original website that was on the dev mode.

Note: Both websites are on the same server and the same remote storage (Wasabi) but separate buckets.

How to achieve that?


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Hello UNA Team,

While creating a language module, I came across an issue with the html language tag that should be addressed as it affects the SEO. Maybe It's the result of a wrong setting from my side, i don't know.

I have created a new language module that I named 'English (US)' and which is basically a clone of the default 'English' module. I wanted to change few words and to use the US flag in the language switcher.

The issue is that the value of the html lang tag is wrong.

Whenever I switch to another language, the value of the html lang tag changes as well to reflect the new language, which is good.

e.g: from


The problem is 'us' is not a valid ISO Language Code to be used in the Html lang tag because 'lang' in the html tag is used to determine the 'document language' not the 'region'. The correct value, in this case, should just be "en" no matter if it's English (GB) or English (US).

So, my question is: Where is the value of in the page header pulled from? and how to change it?

In the config.php file of my newly created language module, I have the following parameter:

  'home_uri' => 'us',

In the language module install/sql/install.sql, I have the following query:

INSERT INTO `sys_localization_languages`(`Name`, `Flag`, `Title`, `Enabled`) VALUES('us', 'us', 'English (US)', '0');

All the App xml files (translation files) are named us.xml e.g:


And, in the us.xml files, I have the following line:

Please help.


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Hello UNA Team,

I am setting up the Google Ads Conversion Tracking (Website conversion) and the Google Analytics tracking to track sign ups (account creation) and orders (payment confirmation).

Besides Google Tag Manager, a Conversion Tracking Tag needs to be installed on the 'Thank you/Confirmation' pages after signing up and after ordering (making a payment)

Please what are the those page URLs?

Thank you.

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Hi @Alexey

I have the Jot Server installed and running fine on one domain name. I would like to move it to another domain on the same server. How to safely do that?

Should I just copy/download the Jot Server folder from that domain name and paste it/upload it to the new domain using ftp?

Or maybe, should I just install a fresh Jot Server on the new domain, then delete the Jot server folder from the old domain?

Please advise.


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Hello UNA Team,

I am unable to update the Mass Mailer App from version 13.0.5 to 13.0.6 on one of my UNA sites. I have managed to update it on my other dev sites without any issue at all. But on this specific one, I am getting this error when trying to update it from studio:

There are errors in the following MySQL queries:
Error: Duplicate entry 'bx_massmailer_campaign_send_all-controls' for key 'display_input'
UPDATE `sys_form_display_inputs` SET `input_name`='controls' WHERE `display_name` IN ('bx_massmailer_campaign_send_test', 'bx_massmailer_campaign_send_all') AND `input_name`='controls2';

How can I fix this problem and update the app?


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