Comment to 'Goodbye, Facebook and your useless results. [UPDATED]'
  • Thanks for the very detailed report. I hate Facebook for the reasons that you have invoked. Also, do not rely on Facebook to bring intelligence to your site, and unless there are exceptions it only brings people who have nothing to say.
    The work of Facebook, including its advertising system is essentially to collect data and thus to establish a complete profile of its users while generating profits since the personal data are the black gold of the 21st century.
    As you say, someone who has understood this and is looking for something else, will look elsewhere, not on Facebook.
    Well, I'm sorry for the $ 4,500 thrown in the trash, but happy to read that you drop this factory to make cretins.
    Happy also that you do not do it in silence, but that you clearly share your opinion.
    I would be even happier if you find very quickly a solution to the problem addressed here: