Comment to 'Goodbye, Facebook and your useless results. [UPDATED]'
  • I'm totally understand the difference btwn Boonex and FB. And I can imagine what resources FB have and Boonex do not. And considering this I'm very sorry that our (yes, I mean OUR) resources not going to development of first_needs_parts (push, for example) but to account/persons duet (for example). Which, maybe, can serve 15% of UNA administrators, but push will serve 101%.
    You're talking about community help? Very nice. I'm here to give you this help. I'm talking about need of push close to 4 yrs that I'm here in Boonex. I can't remember that "push" was declared as next milestone. Simple as it. For me it means that I'm wasting my time and wasting my money. For 3 yrs I hear the same response from my potential users: "No push - not relevant". Ppl are opening account, trying it and going back to FB. BECAUSE that they don't want to enter site every minute to check what's up there.
    It's a thousand pities!
    • We've started experimenting with Push in Jot Messenger and understand it a lot better now. Interestingly, Web-Push is still not supported by iOS and can only be implemented via native apps. Notifications update in UNA and Dolphin is the most important update we have on the roadmap, and now that we've learned more about the technology we shoudl be able to implement it reasonably efficiently.
      • Ok. IMHO native app with push - it's very not bad idea, simple to user and efficient. It was in Dolphin (poore one, need to say) why not to adapt it to una? But, please, don't cut Wall from there, as from Dolphin's one.