Comment to 'Goodbye, Facebook and your useless results. [UPDATED]'
  • Thank you for pointing it out. I have no opinion on Mark Zuckerberg personally and indeed try to question myself first in every situation where I fail. That's the reason why we tried 41 campaigns and spend so much money. Now, I am convinces that very few people can actually make Facebook Ads works for them, and I find it difficult to find any evidence of the opposite. There are some positive reports from early Facebook Ads days when their ads very incredibly cheap. There are also some positive reports from marketing people, who can "sell" those fake results to their employers or customers in some form. Direct ROI observations that show these ads making money in mainstream situations is nowhere to be found. Like I said, sometime you can get it to work when your product manages to create that "viral" magic, but in general I think it's a lot like national TV - only good for huge companies that can blow huge budgets to create awareness about new products.
    I've also posted more detailed update following your other questions ($$$, numbers, etc.). Please have a look in the main post now.